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established surrealists / artists of fantastic realism
Links below are to online references and to books (my recommendations available on Amazon - except for Dalí & Giger, on whom very many books exist).

René Magritte
Magritte book

Salvador Dalí

Yves Tanguy
Tanguy book

Max Ernst
Ernst book

Remidios Varo
Varo book 1
Varo book 2

Ernst Fuchs
Fuchs book

Vali Myers
Myers book

H. R. Giger

The Symbolists were the precursors to the surrealists:
must have] Symbolists & Symbolism by Robert L. Delevoy
Concise enyclopaedia of Symbolism Jean Cassou
A Dictionary of Surrealism José Pierre
Surrealists & Surrealism Gaëtan Picon
Phaidon encyclopedia of surrealism René Passeron
SURREALISM Uwe M. Schneede
Surrealist Art Sarane Alexandrian (old) OR:
Surrealist Art Sarane Alexandrian (new edition):

Anglophone books on Surrealism in general place the movement between the 2 world wars. Anglophone historians seem to have concluded that there is no historical continuum or context that either precedes or postdates Surrealism. For them history floats in some void that only they have the privilege of seeing. French authors do not suffer the Anglophonic myopia. Thankfully, French authors' writings on Surrealism exist in translation. René Passeron, in his book, devotes time to the historical context of surrealism's precursors which includes artists such as Bosch, and the Symbolists. So too does Sarane Alexandrian include Surrealism's precursors, but goes further to write on surrealist artists until the death of Breton in 1966. The most interesting element in Alexandrian's book (at least in the out–of–print edition I own) is the final chapter on "Occultation" in which Alexandrian writes on Breton's L'Art Magique written in 1957 (which appears not to have been translated into English). In this tome Breton left the door ajar for surrealism to include among its numbers religious kooks who imagine that they are "visionary" or "shamans".
Schneede, a German author, includes an interesting historical context, which shows how Dada evolved out of the Italian Furturists whose antics the French Dadaists emmulated. Surrealsist theorists, both French and English, have ignored the Futurists. Both English and French theorists claim that Dada arose as a rejection of the cutlure that led to the 1st world war. The Futurists however were already producing counter–cultural "art" well before the war, so the claimed historical context understood by Frankophone and Anglophone alike is an invention.

maps of the heavens

In the 19th Century Elgin stole from the Parthenon its frieze.
The English continue to refuse the return of stolen property.
Support the return of the "Parthenon Marbles" to their rightful owners.

non-art links:
Ours is a cruel species. The stupidity of religion convinces some of our own kind that a human blastocyst is of divine worth, yet an animal, even one which is genetically nearly us, is expendable. In the Judaic/Christian sacred text the delusion propounded is one of an imaginary god creating animals solely for humans to harvest. It is this religious delusion which underpins the culture of vivisection in a society that pays lipservice to being secular. In other countries bile is 'harvested' from caged, living, bears... until the animal is slowly killed... One wonders why..., for in a country like Buddhist Vietnam, it would mean they are torturing another human soul reincarnated as a "lower" life-form... , but maybe their Buddhist delusion convinces them that this terrible fate is warranted; after-all, to come back as a lower life form means that this "soul" must have committed something terrible in their previous incarnation and thus deserves this miserable fate.... The main culprit in "milking" bile from bears though is China...  where the practice of "traditional medicine" is bringing many species to the brink of extinction ... like the rhinoceros of which 97% have been exterminated from 1970 to 1990 simply because of a moronic Chinese superstition that the essence of an animal's 'power' can somehow be absorbed by the consumption of the body part symbolising this power, which in the case of the rhino is its horn. 
The west aids this extermination in its support of such dumbfoundingly stupid voodoo by credulously peddling the fantasy that Chinese traditional medicine is merely "herbal" and a natural alternative to the artificial chemicals of western medicine. It is a cruel irony that western medicine is itself dependant on animal testing.  In Islam, believers are advised by their book of hate that animals exist solely for human exploitation (Koran, e.g. Forgiving One 40:80). This, in Egyptian abattoirs, means that cattle are stabbed in the eyes to disorientate them and have their leg tendons slashed, before they are butchered in the cruellest possible manner - I suppose, Islam is as equally cruel to humans - whether they are Koreans beheaded for god, or their own daughters murdered for the sake of re-gaining some incomprehensible lost "honour"(sic) - as they are to animals ...

As humans we are represented against cruelty from our own kind by bodies such as Amnesty International, but Amnesty is essentially politicised which utterly diminishes the legitimate causes it pursues.... Amnesty is a body too deficient in its collective intellect and too dishonest about its aims to be of any real use.

[NOTE: the views expressed are entirely my own and do not represent the opinions or views of the organisations below, whose causes I support.]

Chimp Haven. These guys have been used as crash test dummies for NASA; and infected with Hepatitis strains in biomedical research, etc. Their DNA only differs from ours by just over 1 per cent; they can be taught to sign and can thus communicate with us. However, that does not seem to equate to their having any rights ... Chimp Haven gives sanctuary to these fellows.

World Society for the Protection of Animals
This is the Australian site of the WSPA. (There are links to WSPA sites in other countries)

Uncaged is a UK anti-vivisection group. This is their on-line presence. The cases they protest over are harrowing, particularly the cruelty of the company IMUTRAN... 

In countries like Indonesia (& Thailand) Orang Utans are kept in abominable conditions.
The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation saves these unfortunate creatures from the cruelties of human stupidity.

Anyone wishing to save our own species from the cruelty of members of our own kind can assist Médecins Sans Frontières by visiting their site... 

Amnesty International is a caricature of the west's conscience. Irene Khan heads this disreputable organisation. 
In an impromptu interview at Adelaide airport aired on SBS-tv Australia (8/8/2004, 21:30), Khan justified the slaughter by muslims of Russian children in  Beslan by claiming that their cold-blooded murders were a justifiable reaction by muslims to oppression! (Bear this in mind: Islam is a religion that demands believers kill unbelievers or forfeit going to heaven [ eg: Koran, Repentance 9:38 ], thus any regime that places constraints on muslims' capacity to so commit such killings could be said to oppress muslims!) Thus, Khan, and therefore Amnesty International, support the killing of innocents on the sole ground that they do not belong to the religion of terrorism: Islam. 
Indeed one could infer from Khan's comments that it would be perfectly appropriate to select, randomly, any representative/s of AI and commit grievous injury to their persons. Obviously regimes that do kill AI representatives can justify their own actions as Khan does! 
All that can be said about Noam Chomsky is that he seems to exist simply to show that the right alone does not have a monopoly on stupidity:
[link gone]

The Turkish pariah state:
During the First World War, the Turkish Empire exterminated the Armenians of Anatolia in an attempt to turn the Anatolian peninsula into a racially and religiously homogenous state; "Turkey"*. 1.5 million Armenians were exterminated to cleanse the land of non-Turks/non-Muslims. Some time later, when Hitler was proposing his "final solution", he reminded Germans: "who here remembers the Armenians?" Though Germany eventually came to pay reparations for her atrocities the Turkish Empire continues to deny committing any atrocities... Indeed, as part of the Turkish Empire's continuous cover-up is its army's use of ancient Armenian monuments for target practice. Thus the Armenians, an ancestral people of Anatolia who were there thousands of years before the Turks invaded from central Asia, were first exterminated, & the extent of the extermination obscured by the Turkish Empire destroying the evidence of the Armenians ever having been there. This is a recent documentary on this pariah empire's ("Turkey's") extermination campaign that so inspired Hitler.


*("Turkey", by definition is an empire, not a nation; those who by race are Turks  still enslave non-Turks like the Kurds and few remaining Armenians who they did not manage to exterminate.)

Australian site on Genocide of Armenians by Turks

China: pariah state:
Tibet is not and never has been part of China. Culturally and linguistically distinct from China it was nevertheless invaded and annexed by China mid last century. By means of swamping Tibet with Chinese, China is hoping to commit genocide. Free Tibet!

One Law for All:
human rights should never be limited simply because a religion calls for such limitations

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