the fantasy works

siren of the desert moon, oil on canvas. 1987
this section contains images from the mid to late 1980s which were created with the intention of actually generating some form of income from my artwork, mainly for poster work. 

Publishers from the US such as Ballantine, Pomegranate, and Omni magazine; as well as those from the UK such as Paper Tiger, Athena... , amongst many others, were approached. All without success. 

By the end of the 1980s I had abandoned this line of painting & concentrated on my serious works..... Instead of building the biggest collection of my own works which  appealed to transient fantasy trends, I would create images which I myself would be happy with!

untitled, oil on canvas. 1988 -1989

mystic eye 4, oil on canvas. 1987

unrealised dream, oil on canvas. 1986

All of these images have a sense of magic realism about them. In unrealised dream the figure with her eyes closed is clothed by the rising mist of a waterfall; a dream state that would vanish on her opening her eyes.

(Until 1987 I signed all of my works "J. Vakras")


images © demetrios vakras

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