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surreal painting of skeleto-mechanical device which bears a heart, screaming mouth and penis
Kouros of the industrial age (boy). oil. 2004. demetrios vakras

"Kouros of the industrial age (boy)".
In Australia our government has indicated that we should all work till we drop. To secure our future we apparently have to copulate like crazy, keep our numbers up & have our offspring support us... (Sounds a little like what they already do in the 3rd world...?). This is the boy version (there is a girl one too). The purpose here is to represent us reduced to the bare fundamentals of our existence, mouths through which to eat, a heart to pump the blood & genitals for procreation.... Mechanise procreaton to breed on an industrial scale. This is an intellectual "rationalism", which contrary to convention has nothing to do with the rational, but rather a rationing of the rational to its barest minimum... And it doesn't matter if its logical foundations are not sound...

More about this image can be found in Humanist Transhumanist, Kindle edition, published on Amazzon..